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Add interest to your living room or bathroom with our new and exclusive high quality custom printed glass wall panels! With a durable glass surface and vivid colourful imagery, our graphic print glass wall panels will bring a touch of drama to any home décor scheme. Our new decorative toughened glass wall panels are heat-resistant and scratch-proof, and feature smooth polished edges for safety.

Technical properties:

Our panels are remarkably durable and resistant to various kinds of physical damage. They are produced out of 6mm thick toughened glass which is hard to break or even scratch! The edges are polished in order for them to be perfectly safe. All graphics are printed on a layer of exceptionally durable vinyl and have a protective vinyl backing.


- Panels that may be installed as single or multiple pieces,

- High quality materials (toughened glass, meticulously created images),

- Faster cleaning than traditional tiles,

- Durable scratch resistant surface,

-Personalised dimensions, graphics,

-Easy installation and maintenance.

Installing and Measurement Printed Glass Wall Panels:

Apply low modulus silicone to the panel, allow approximately 4-inch gaps between each line of silicone. Do not apply the silicone too near the edges of the panels. The splashback should be located at least 50mm away from any source of open fire. Remember that once the manufacturing procedure is finished, there is no possibility of cutting the glass again. Only a minimal removal of 2-3mm can be made. If you do not send a message with instructions, your order will be placed as per the order we received. Once your order has been received, no changes can be made.

Lead time:

On average, completion of orders varies from three to four weeks, depending on the complexity of the product you have chosen. The provided timeframe includes all the steps of production and shipping, such as:

- Image printing,

- Glass toughening (task subcontracted to a third party),

- Component fitting,

- Drying process,

- Ready-made product packing,

- Shipping to the customer.