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Frequently Asked Questions

- Is it possible to order a splashback with holes for power outlets?  

                We do not cut any holes in the product without being provided in advance with a splashback template made out of plywood. We do not send glass items with holes in them via courier due to the risk of them being damaged during transportation.  

- Can I change the picture for another one if I grow tired of the initial one?

                Such a change is possible, but it should not be made by a person without proper experience in the field.

- Can I order splashbacks together with measuring and assembly services?  

                Measurements are taken and assembly works are performed within the borders of Angus.

- I have found an image I really like in your gallery. However, its shape differs from the shape of the panel. What to do then?  

                In the majority of cases, we stretch the images to fit the final shape of the panel. If the image has to be to a significant extent stretched out to fit the surface, the client is asked to check and accept the project.  

- Can I cut the ordered panels individually?  

                It is not possible, as the panels are made out of toughened glass. The ordered dimensions cannot be further modified, so please take measurements accurately and remember to deduct 2-3 mm from every dimension.  

- Can I order splashbacks with my own image?  

                Yes, of course. However, we will not proceed to realise the order if the image sent is of poor quality. Please send us pictures in JPEG format that can additionally be stretched.  

- Can I attach a splashback to ceramic tiles?  

                Yes, our products can be attached to such tiles, but the latter have to be cleaned before assembly.  

- Can I order splashbacks in the shape of arches, circles, etc.?  

                Yes, you can. However, we have to be provided with a template made out of plywood before we can start. The order completion time may additionally be longer and the price of the final product will differ from the prices of typical products.

- What to do if I cannot order a splashback with holes for power outlets?  

                There is an alternative for electric outlets. You can use pop-up outlets attached to the worktop. Yet another solution is to utilise a power strip mounted below hanging shelves.  

- Can I order a picture from the cooker glass splashback category to be used for wall panels?  

                Yes, of course.

- How long will I have to wait for the ordered product?

                Order completiontime is approximately 3-4 weeks.  

- Are the glass panels water resistant?  

                Yes. All their edges are additionally secured against minor mechanical damage, which provides better protection against external factors.

- What is the maximum size of the panel that may be sent to me?  

                The maximum size that can be sent via a courier company is 120cm x 100cm. Bigger panels have to be collected personally or they can be delivered within the borders of Angus.

- Why is a glass splashback a better solution to utilise in the kitchen than ceramic tiles?

                Glass is remarkably easier to clean and it is also more pleasant to look at. The image on the glass is one-of-a-kind and draws the attention of the home's occupants and guests.  

- Is a glass splashback heat resistant?  

                Toughened glass is characteristic due to its high heat resistance. Nevertheless, a picture printed on vinyl does not  have similar properties. Therefore, splashbacks should be installed at least 50mm away from direct heat sources.

- Is toughened glass safe?  

                Toughened glass is five times more durable than its typical counterpart. What is more, it is more resistant to physical damage and thermal stress. All products offered by our company are made out of toughened glass. All the edges of the panels are additionally polished to a smooth finish.